Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre

2020 Annual Report

Letter from the Chief Executive Officer and Board President

While writing this message in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, as our response has consumed much of our attention these past few months, it also provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on all the impactful work that took place before and how it continues today.

If 2019-2020 had a theme, it would be collaboration. The commitment to collaboration to best serve Ottawa’s residents is a strength of Ottawa’s Community Health Centres (CHCs). Last year, this commitment led to the successful application and creation of The Ottawa Health Team – Équipe Santé Ottawa (OHT–ESO). OHT–ESO is creating the conditions for people to lead healthy lives and get care and support when they need it, right in the communities where they live. OHT-ESO’s efforts are facilitated by CHCs and shaped by the people who use and rely on local health services to ensure our approach to promoting health and wellbeing is truly community-based.

Collaboration and exploring new ways of working also took place across the organization at the program level. Our Employment Services team, for example, is responding to the province-wide transformation of employment supports. We engaged 13 community employment organizations representing the regions of Ottawa, Prescott-Russell, Cornwall, Lanark and Leeds and Grenville to explore a community-driven model which collaborates with local service providers to leverage the expertise of each geographical region. Our goal is to ensure service delivery meets the needs of each community, and we will continue to work with our partner to redesign services using an evidence-informed approach that ties service delivery to the best possible client outcome.

Finally, the essential collaboration is that which occurs each and every day between our employees and individual clients, families and communities. Our strong relationships with our clients and communities allowed us to very quickly adapt to the emerging needs COVID-19 presented and continue our services and programs in new, creative, and often virtual ways. For this, we are grateful for the commitment and dedication of our employees and volunteers, and for the trust, resiliency, and the flexibility our clients and communities have shown.

So far, 2020 has been a challenging year, but also one of significant change and innovation. At this time, we do not know exactly what the future holds. Still, we remain positive that together, we will address whatever comes our way while delivering quality and impactful supports and services.


    Board President


    Chief Executive Officer


Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre is an innovative community based, multiservice centre. We strive to meet the needs of the diverse communities we serve. We work in partnership with individuals, families and communities to achieve their full potential, paying particular attention to those facing barriers to access, including those who are most vulnerable and at risk.


Together we seek to build a safe, just, and healthy community for all.

Board of Directors

PRESIDENT Gerry Harrington


SECRETARY Parm Bahniwal


BOARD DIRECTORS Kathi Subramaniam Cathy Doolan Adrienne Coddett Katherine Cole Wayne Ng Mete Pamir Delia Lewis Janet Bowes Meng Jin Sapana Mahajan Nayaelah Siddiqui


service sites






student placements


volunteers who gave 10,196 hours


students in Pathways and Equity in Education


of PQ’s Pathway students (in 2019) graduated within 5 years


of graduating students (in 2019) went on to post-secondary


people found jobs with the help of Employment Services


people accessed education and training with the help of Employment Services


of our clients have been supported to find employment or access training and education


clients received primary care


new clients enrolled in Primary Care Outreach


clients served by Falls Preventions


employees trained in Motivational Interviewing to help clients through change


separate individuals served through 16,319 food bank visits by three food banks within the PQ catchment

Stories from Pinecrest-Queensway

A holistic approach to service delivery

Olufunke is an internationally trained doctor who arrived in Canada in January 2020 from Nigeria. She joined the Internationally Trained Professionals Bridge Training program to gain insight into the Canadian workforce, and in particular, the healthcare industry. She wanted to gain employment in some aspect of healthcare to gain experience while working towards her credential recognition as a doctor.

COVID-19 made it almost impossible for her to access childcare. This made it difficult for her to find employment as she was job searching while caring for her young children at home. As a recent immigrant to Canada, she did not have any professional networks to assist her in gaining employment and this was made even harder because of the pandemic.

Olufunke was supported on her path to employment through a holistic approach to service delivery. She was supported simultaneously through the ITP program, the Employment Services program and Systems Navigation. Through the ITP program, she gained knowledge about many employment related topics including career planning, transferable skills, soft skill and understanding of the Canadian workplace. She also gained certifications in cross cultural communication, Motivational Interviewing, and conflict resolution. Through the Employment Services program she was able to secure a Personal Support Worker position. System Navigation played a role in advocating for and supporting her to help her secure this position. Olufunke was able to meet her goal of working in the healthcare sector while working towards her credential recognition. She is still employed in this role!

“I am really impressed and have no doubt that I made the right decision to come to Canada with my family especially my children with the way you and your team have treated/cared for us. I want to really thank you and everyone for your care and support. I want to thank you specially because you are indeed a wonderful person and I pray for greater heights for you and your family because you have touched my life and a lot others in a lot of ways. Thank you very much. I will update you after the visit. Thank you so much.”

In memory of Margaret Meyer

Those who volunteer with PQCHC usually do so because of their strong sense of community and desire to give back, and this couldn’t be more true than for Margaret Meyer. Margaret was a long-term volunteer with the Pinecrest Terrace Community House Food Bank who sadly passed away at age of 85 earlier this year. On Wednesdays and Fridays, everyone who came to the food back would be greeted by Margaret’s smile and strong British accent. She was a safe and comforting figure who people couldn’t help but love. She would share stories about her family, her interests and her life. She got to know every “customer” and had a way of connecting with them to make them feel unique and respected. Language barriers rarely posed an issue, as she would talk with everyone, making them feel at home even if they didn’t understand everything she said. She laughed easily, and had a gift for putting people at ease. She was a caring “grandmother” to many in the community and will be greatly missed and never forgotten by the community of Pinecrest Terrace.

The commitment and passion of our volunteers is deeply appreciated. We thank each and every one of them for their time and support and for the difference they are making in their communities. We know COVID-19 has impacted our volunteers and many are missing their regular “shifts” and working alongside our employees and clients. We miss you too and look forward to when we can be reunited in-person.

EarlyON Program

Our community has been enjoying all the book walks, scavenger hunts and outdoor activities that Val has been setting up on behalf of EarlyON. I wanted to thank your organization for finding a way to connect with our community and provide safe, educational and fun activities families to enjoy during this unprecedented time.


The entire team at the PQ ACTT (Assertive Community Treatment Team) had a huge hand in stabilizing and increasing mum’s quality of life. I hope you understand the profoundly positive impact you had not only on my mum’s life but also on my own. Thank you. Keep doing what you do. The difference you make really matters.

Employment Services

I am sincerely grateful and very much appreciated—staff’s Professionalism, Active Listening, Empathy and Sound Advice. I had an experience that was very comfortable and well connected, for me to open up my deepest struggles and problems with much better clarity, and how I shall approach them. The encouragement, expert insight and with a genuine human touch have truly helped me regain focus again!

Our Supporters